Imagicle Hotel Services GDPR whitepaper.

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Imagicle Hotel Service: a 5 star experience in total security.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force throughout the European Union since last May 25, rewrites the concept of privacy by introducing new methods of data processing, rights of data subjects, data liability and sanctions for infringement of the regulation.

Imagicle Hotel Services is the best solution to connect Cisco Platforms to the PMS Hotel and add all the services needed to boost the guest’s experience. Imagicle Hotel Services include services from the check-in to the check-out covering all the guest’s needs but also optional services to boost the hotel’s staff work.

Nowadays the GDPR regulation also impact on the Hospitality market and how you process the guest’s personal data. The Hotel’s PMS has a crucial role in the protection of guest’s personal data as it stores guest information, habits, credit card data etc. These information must be anonymized, encrypted, deleted and more generally managed. All of this also reflect in the software system which interact with the PMS as Imagicle Hotel Services.

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